The Classic White Wine Spritzer (But Better)

For Sunday’s afternoon garden party, I wanted to serve a light cocktail with a spring-y vibe, and decided on simple, kinda retro wine spritzers. Wine spritzers are something I associate with, like, ladies wearing shoulderpads sitting in a fancy restaurant in 1985, but for some reason they feel fresh again. Throwback-y.

And they are easy to make, and delicious, and lovely-looking, and there you go: perfect warm-weather cocktail.

Classic White Wine Spritzer

Pour 4 oz. white wine (I used Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio) into a glass (I love these fleur de lis ones I picked up at HomeGoods for like two bucks each, but you can use a taller glass if you want to serve the spritzers over ice).

Add 2 oz. seltzer and stir lightly.

Garnish with frozen cantaloupe and watermelon balls, then add a sprig of sage. These additions give the spritzer just the faintest fruity, herb-y scent and flavor – and are really pretty, as a bonus.

white wine cocktail spritzerwine spritzer melon sage

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