DIY Black and White Marbled Eggs

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Roll up your sleeves, pour a glass of Ecco Domani wine and create the most chic Easter eggs by following our simple DIY Black and White Marbled Eggs.

  • 2 dozen white eggs, hardboiled
  • black and white nail polish
  • plastic bowl (that you can throw away)
  • room temperature water to fill bowl (must be room temperature)
  • plastic gloves
  • nail polish remover
  • toothpick
  • egg carton (for drying eggs)
  • newspaper (for work surface)


Set up your work station and put on gloves. Fill the bowl with room temperature water. Pour the black and white nail polish onto the water (the same amount of each, it will float on the surface of the water). Then, with a toothpick swirl the black and white polish together In a marble design on the surface of the water. Once you have a design you like, hold one egg between your middle finger and thumb and submerge it straight down into the bowl beneath the water. Then, pull it directly out of the water, straight up through the polish. Repeat until entire surface of egg has marbling. Place egg in carton to dry. Repeat until you’ve dyed all your eggs, then arrange on a black or white tray for your Easter centerpiece.