DIY Metallic Pumpkin Centerpiece

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Our versatile DIY metallic pumpkin centerpiece elevates your tablescape through Thanksgiving!

  • 3 pumpkins (a variety of sizes looks best)
  • 10 pine cones
  • 1 linen, gold or silver table runner
  • 5 metallic candle votive with white candles
  • Gold or silver spray paint
  • Newspaper 


Cover your workspace with newspaper. Carefully spray each pumpkin with metallic paint, turning each pumpkin by holding the stem and spraying the stem last.

Spray the pinecones with metallic paint. Be creative with your technique! You can spray the pinecones from above to give the essence of metallic snow dusted over pinecone ridges. Let the pumpkins and pinecones completely dry before handling.

Place the table runner down the center of your table. Arrange the pumpkins on the runner in the center of the table; arrange the pinecones and small votive candles around the pumpkins. Light the candles and set the table for your autumn entertaining!