DIY Paper Bag Punch Out Lanterns

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Our DIY Paper Bag Punch Out Lanterns are a simple yet chic upgrade for your backyard soiree under the moon and stars. Add a bottle of Ecco Domani wine for a truly magical evening.

  • Brown or white paper lunch bags
  • 1 hole punch tool
  • Small tea candles (or electric tea candles)
  • Matches or lighter for illuminating the candles in the lanterns


Use the hole punch tool to punch a design in the two faces of each bag. Be creative! A zigzag border around the opening of the bag is a simple design idea that makes a big impact!

Place the bags around your backyard bonfire or in a pathway from your house to the bonfire. Set 1 candle in the center of the bottom of each bag and light the candle. Party away!