DIY Playing Cards Drink Tags

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  • 1 deck of standard playing cards
  • Scissors
  • Wine glasses with stem and base (1 per party guest)
  • 1 quarter (for tracing purpose)
  • 1 pencil
  • Exacto Knife


Trace the outline of a quarter at a short end of each playing card so there is 1 round pencil outline per playing card per glass. Atop a secure surface, use Exacto knife to cut out the circle on each card. Use scissors to cut from corner of card in diagonal line to the cut-out circle – this creates a way for the playing card to attach to the stem of the wine glass.

Have fun assigning the glass to the party guest based on the face of the card… i.e., who is the “joker” at the party? Serve Ecco Domani wine in your Game Night party glasses.