DIY Tassel Wine Charm

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Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day with a grandmother, mother, daughter or friend, our DIY Tassel Wine Charm is a special touch to upgrade a shared glass of wine for years to come!

  • Heavy card stock, cardboard or foam board (the board should be double the length of the finished tassel)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Gold or silver pre-made rings to attach tassel to stem of glass (can be purchased at a craft store)


Cut a winding board from heavy card stock, cardboard, or foam board; the board should be double the length of the finished tassel. Wind thread around board in taut loops until you reach desired fullness (tassel will be twice as full as the loop around board).

Lay a 5-inch piece of thread horizontally on work surface. Slide wound thread off board, and center it on 5-inch thread. Tie 5-inch thread into a tight knot around middle of looped thread. Pull ends of 5-inch thread upward and wind threads downward. Cut through looped ends, and adjust into tassel shape.

Cut a 12-inch length of thread to wrap tassel neck. Fashion 1 end of thread into a loop shape, then lay loop on tassel. Grasp the other end, and wrap it tightly around tassel and over the top of the loop to secure it. Wrap slowly, working from the top of the neck down, so neck threads lie evenly next to one another. As you wrap, ensure all the threads in the head and skirt are neatly in place. After wrapping neck, pass end of thread through loop and gently close loop, tucking ends into the head of the tassel. Trim tassel ends, a few threads at a time, to even them out if necessary.

Use the tied-off threads on top of the tassel to attach it to the gold or silver ring. Attach tassel to stem of wine glass and share a “charming” glass of Ecco Domani wine!