St. Patrick's Day Green Apple Wine Cocktail

This is SUCH a simple yet fun and delicious cocktail for your St. Patrick’s Day parties that is perfect for wine lovers and cocktail lovers alike!

My goal was to create a festive green drink using Ecco Domani Prosecco without adding too many additional ingredients. I whipped up this yummy green apple wine cocktail that’s pretty, easy to enjoy and not too sweet…unless you indulge in the gummy rings, of course!

It’s super simple, refreshing, festive and fun… and that’s all that matters, right? So let’s get to it.

Green apple wine cocktails

What You’ll Need…

  • Ecco Domani Prosecco
  • Green Apple Unsweetened Drink Mix
  • Club Soda
  • Green apple gummy rings and/or green apple candy sticks {I used both}


St Pattys Day Wine cocktail

First, sprinkle in a few taps of your green apple drink mix. This will give your wine cocktail a hint of green apple flavor AND green apple color without adding another liqueur.

You only need a little for color, but if you want your green apple flavor stronger, go ahead and tap in a few more sprinkles.

St Pattys Day Wine cocktail_Ecco Domani

Pour your super-chilled and icy Ecco Domani Prosecco to fill about 3/4 of your glass.

Add in about 1/4 super-chilled and icy club soda.

St Pattys Day Wine cocktail _green apple

Since Ecco Prosecco is already a little fizzy and flavorful, you can eyeball the ratio. Sometimes I like just a splash of club soda, and sometimes I like a little more fizziness. You can skip the club soda all together if you prefer and have a little green apple Prosecco {it’s just as good!} and up to you!

Green apple wine for St Patrick's Day

Using a small knife, cut into the side of one of your green apple rings, and slip it onto the rim of your glass. If you cut it all the way through, the ring will sit further down on the glass, but it’s easier to remove and put into your mouth :)

Your drinks will look like this! {above}

green apple wine spritzer cocktail

NOTE: THE COCKTAIL ABOVE is darker green and cloudy… it’s from the candy sticks dissolving which also makes it sweeter! If you don’t add candy sticks, your cocktails will stay a light green as in the photo above.

Candy Apple Wine Cocktail

Don’t forget all the sugary green treats for your St. Patrick’s Day wine cocktail party!

And… Enjoy!

St Patrick's Day Green Apple Wine Cocktail

Green wine cocktail

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ecco Domani Prosecco_Green Apple Cocktails

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