The Wine List

Simple Tips for Ordering Your Next Glass or Bottle

Ordering wine should not be difficult or intimidating! We’re pleased to share these simple tips to make ordering your next glass or bottle an effortless experience:

Be Prepared

Deciding on your budget before opening the list will help you hone in a smaller set of options and provide a framework when asking for advice.

Befriend the Sommelier

A sommelier is there to help. Set the stage for a successful selection by indicating your budget and what you plan to eat, allowing the sommelier to guide you towards wines that pair well with your meal. In restaurants that do not have a sommelier, your server or a manager should be able to make a good recommendation.

Know What You Like

If you are truly unsure about which wine to choose, selecting a wine from a producer or region you already know and trust is generally a good option

Double Check Your Order

When the bottle arrives, verify that the label shows the name, varietal, and vintage you ordered. If the server gives you the cork, make sure it is intact, moist at the portion that was in contact with the wine in the bottle and free ofany disintegration. This generally signifies that the wine has been properly stored.

Taste to Ensure Quality

Take a sip of the wine to ensure that it tastes good and does not have any off-putting aromas such as mold or vinegar, which would indicate a flaw or spoilage. (Check out How to Taste Wine for more details on tasting wine). Let the server know you approve and enjoy!