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CORPUS - 2009

CORPUS collections are unique as they are truly set within the pulse of the lifestyle of their core customer base - those who admire the uptown refined tailored suits, but have an effortless casual personal style. Since its inception in 2004, the LA based line has found loyal supporters amongst downtown cool kids and influential tastemakers on both coasts.

A Midwest native, Jerrod Cornish always had an affinity for fashion design. He began his career walking the runways of Milan, which led to work as an assistant to local art directors. The time spent in showrooms of Dolce & Gabbana and Ittierrei gave him an appreciation and appetite for sophisticated silhouettes and fine tailoring. Cornish then pursued a course of study of graphic design and motion graphics in California and found himself working for famed director Ridely Scott on interactive marketing campaigns for blockbusters such as Pearl Harbor, Spy Game and Bubble Boy.

Born in Texas and son of a US Air force doctor, Keith Richardson grew up traveling the world. After a successful professional soccer career in Germany, Richardson cut his fashion design teeth with his mother's sewing machine. He moved to California after deciding that a career in the garment industry was his true passion. Richardson worked in top Los Angeles boutiques and got his first education of what did and did not work in a retail environment. His keen eye was seen by stylists and other industry veterans, who encouraged Richardson to pursue styling and art direction.

Richardson met partner Jerrod Cornish while styling on a film, and the two soon found that they shared a passion of unique aesthetics and fashion design, leading to the serendipitous beginnings of CORPUS.

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