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Monique Péan - 2009

Monique Péan successfully blurs the lines between art, fashion and sustainability. Raised in Washington D.C., Péan attended the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. Following graduation, she began a career in finance at Goldman Sachs in New York City. A passion for art led Monique to take design courses during her off time. After 3 years working in finance and a consulting stint at Prada, Péan launched MONIQUE PÉAN, a socially responsible and eco-friendly fine jewelry company that promotes ethical trade and raises awareness of indigenous people and environmental concerns. Innovation, quality, and attention to detail are at the core of MONIQUE PÉAN fine jewelry. Péan works with indigenous artists and travels the world to find rare sustainable materials to incorporate into her designs. Past travels to Haiti, Bali, Alaska, Brazil, Malawi, and Mozambique serve as inspiration for her collections. "Each piece of jewelry has a rich history," says the designer. "I aim to create wearable pieces of art that enhance the individual and raise awareness of Native art and culture." With a dedication to philanthropic endeavors, Monique Péan donates a portion of her jewelry sales to the Charity:Water organization, which helps provide clean drinking water to over 2,000 people in underdeveloped regions for the next 20 years. Péan is also a member of Earth Pledge's Future Fashion board, which works to promote eco-friendly fashion and sustainability. Additionally, Péan founded the Vanessa Péan Foundation to honor her sister's dedication towards educating economically disadvantaged children in Haiti.

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