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Loden Dager - 2008

Five designers-Alexander Galan, Oliver Helden, Paul Marlow, Matthew Sandager and Melissa Vail-comprise the design collective Loden Dager. The team introduced a breakthrough menswear line in Fall 2006, aiming to redefine contemporary style for men.

With a nod to a bygone era, Loden Dager's designs echo fashion's grey area between the masculine 1940's, the mod 1960's and the hippie 1970's. The result is a sophisticated and approachable wardrobe for the student, worker, activist and everyman.

The Loden Dager man embraces the modern male physique, conditioned by classic activities such as rowing, skiing, hiking and swimming. The fit is lightly tailored but not self conscious, with impeccable details, such as reinforced pockets, hidden prints and the use of classic materials for trims and buttons.

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