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Fabrizio Gatto

"Tasting the wine is my favorite reward"

Fabrizio Gatto was exposed to the world of wines from the time he was born. Growing up in the small town of "Latina" in middle Italy, Fabrizio's father owned a small vineyard and taught him about the basics of the wine craft at an early age. These experiences led to Fabrizio's acceptance into the viticulture program at the prestigious Conegliano Veneto school in Italy at 14 years old, an age when most of his peers were still primarily concerned with mastering their soccer games!

It was at Conegliano Veneto that Fabrizio's true passion for crafting cutting-edge wines and enjoying the finer things in life began to blossom. Fabrizio seized every opportunity available to learn about some of the more modern vinification procedures. He later worked and studied at the R. Phillips Winery and the Martin Brothers Winery in California, where he practiced these methods.

After his successful years of study at Conegliano Veneto, Fabrizio continued his formal wine education by attending the University of Milan where he focused his studies in enology. While attending the university, Fabrizio was honored with a scholarship to the prestigious Cave Yves Cuilleron in France where he directed the vinification of Viognier, Marsanne, and Syrah.

Upon completion of his formal schooling, Fabrizio continued his quest to be a trendsetter in the world of Italian wine by accepting a position as enologist at the Cantina di Microvinificazione of the Agrarian Institute of San Michele all' Adige. Here, he conducted experiments in vinification and winemaking on over 1,000 Italian grape varieties.

By combining his many different experiences, Fabrizio has grown into one of the premier winemakers in Italy and has been the head winemaker for Ecco Domani wines since the 1995 vintage. Stylistically, Fabrizio's goal as winemaker is "to produce wines that are fruit forward and food friendly." Fabrizio goes on to say, "My goal is to start with the best grapes possible and reflect the fruit flavors in the finished wines." As a winemaker, Fabrizio Gatto seeks to achieve a balance and harmony in the basic components of a wine: proper acidity, inviting aromas, moderate alcohol level and a high level of food compatibility.

Today, the Ecco Domani winemaking team consists of Fabrizio Gatto and two of his colleagues who craft this successful line of fine Italian wines. Together, they scour Italy's premier wine-growing regions that serve as the source of Ecco Domani's fruit.

Based on the successes of Ecco Domani, both here in the U.S. and abroad, it is obvious that this talented winemaker's years of artistry have won him a following among urban Italian trendsetters. An avid sportsman, Fabrizio enjoys football (soccer), downhill skiing and sailing. His fashion favorites include Ferragamo ties, Armani clothing and Fratelli Rosetti or Tod's shoes. On days when he's not spending time at the winery in Trento or surveying the hillside vineyards, he can be found at home enjoying luscious Iitalian cuisine and his favorite Ecco Domani wines with his wife Cinzia, and spending time with his four children. The family enjoys escaping to Sardinia to bask in the sun and swim or sail in the warm sea - a very enjoyable Italian lifestyle obviously reflected in the sumptuous Ecco Domani wines that Fabrizio crafts.

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