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Wine Party Ideas
Entertain your guests with wine tasting parties, dinner parties and even brunch!

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Wine Education

Wine Do's & Don'ts

While entertaining with wine, follow our helpful tips to make your wine party a success.


Do serve wine in any glass you want.
Although you may have heard that red wines should be served in round, deep glasses and white wines in tall, steep glasses, the glass itself will not make or break the enjoyment of your wine! Serve your Pinot Grigio in whichever glass you prefer - whether tall or short, delicate or sturdy, pretty or practical. In Italy, for example, some wineglasses don't even have stems, meaning that many Italians are sipping Pinot Grigio from a glass resembling a small U.S. juice glass.

Do learn how to open wine elegantly.
Know your corkscrew when entertaining guests. For the grand opening, choose a trusted corkscrew that works for you rather than a new one. Also remember, it's always a good idea to have a back-up corkscrew on hand. Today there are many different types of corkscrews available - some elegantly simplistic, some intricately complex. With all the creativity in design, the corkscrew can be an expression of your personal style!

Do serve more than one wine.
Mix it up a little! Have several types of wine on hand - you'll be increasing everyone's wine knowledge by exposing your guests to new wines. Offer several whites and several reds, and let your guests discuss which are their favorites.

Do serve Pinot Grigio in place of sparkling wines.
Not only is Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio a fabulous alternative to sparkling wines and champagnes for toasts, but the wine is also a great complement to hors d'oeuvres and many light dishes.

Do store wine in the fridge and use the leftovers.
Opened wine can be stored for 2-3 days in the refrigerator. Invite your friends over the evening after the party to help finish off the leftovers! If you do not plan to finish the wine within the first few days, using a vacuum pump can preserve your wine for about a week longer.


Don't get overwhelmed by food and wine pairings.
Have fun and just experiment with wine and food pairings. As a general rule, dark wines go with heavier foods and lighter wines go well with lighter foods. Pinot Grigio and Chianti provide perfect examples: Pair a crisp Pinot Grigio with dishes such as seafood, poultry and vegetables. Pair our rich, fruit forward Chianti with any type of pasta, game or beef. Check out Pairings and Recipes for some great food and wine pairing ideas.

Don't worry about the best way to taste wine.
Should you sniff the cork? (No.) Swirl the glass? (Yes!) Check out How to Taste Wine to learn how to taste wine like a pro. But remember, wine is meant to be enjoyed! Don't sweat the formalities.

Don't run out of wine.
Be sure to get a good estimate of the number of sippers to plan accordingly for wine purchases. One bottle of wine fills about 4-5 glasses. Remember that glasses should be approximately 2/3 full. While many guests will gladly enjoy another glass, it is proper wine-serving etiquette to always ask their permission before refilling glasses.

Don't spill red wine on your table linens.
Have you ever wondered exactly how waiters can pour wine so cleanly and effortlessly? For a tidy serve, simply end the pour with a slight twist. Just in case of dripping, it never hurts to have a napkin within reach!

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