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Ecco Domani Wine


Since our first release in 1996,

we have been scouring Italy's best regions for expressive grapes that reflect the places where they're grown. Crafted in a modern style, Ecco Domani wines embody the spirit of contemporary Italy, where you'll find an inspiring combination of style and celebration of regional character that is unique around the world. We craft our wines in this same spirit of creativity.

Ecco Domani Wine Pinot Grigio
Ecco Domani Wine

Our wines have been made using cutting-edge methods to create fruit-forward, balanced wines that reflect the regions where they're grown and our vision for authentic flavors and style that pairs well with food. So, whether it is our crisp, floral Pinot Grigio or rich Merlot, our wines help elevate any occasion to something with a bit more style, a bit more glamour.




Fabrizio Gatto's forward-thinking winemaking style and dynamic wines have helped him become one of the most respected winemakers in Italy.

"My goal,” says Fabrizio, “has always been to start with the best grapes in order to achieve balance and harmony.” He continues, “I look to combine brisk acidity, inviting aromas, moderate alcohol and a high level of food compatibility in all of the wines I craft.”

Fabrizio’s wine education began early, when his father taught him the basics of winemaking at their small vineyard in the central Italian town of Latina. At age 14, Fabrizio was accepted into the viticulture program at the prestigious Conegliano Veneto School of Enology in Treviso province, near Venice. It was here that Fabrizio honed his winemaking talent, studying cutting-edge vinification techniques and learning to elicit dynamic flavors in his wines.

Also during this time, Fabrizio traveled abroad to deepen his winemaking experience, working with R.H. Phillips Winery and the Martin Brothers Winery in California. Back in Italy for further studies, Fabrizio was a standout student at the University of Milan, where he refined his focus on enology and received the prestigious Cave Yves Cuilleron scholarship. A rare honor awarded to just a handful of students each year, the scholarship encompassed a work-study experience in France’s Rhône Valley, where Fabrizio honed his expertise crafting white wines such as Viognier and Marsanne, along with Syrah.

Following graduation, Fabrizio became an enologist at the Cantina di Microvinificazione at the Agrarian Institute of San Michele all’ Adige, where he conducted vinification experiments with more than 1,000 Italian grape varieties—forming a rich foundation for his later work. Today, Fabrizio is the head winemaker for Ecco Domani—a post he has held since Ecco Domani’s founding in 1995—crafting balanced Italian wines with delicious flavors that invite pairing with a variety of meals and occasions. When he is not in the winery, Fabrizio spends time with his wife and four children and enjoys athletic pursuits from soccer to downhill skiing and sailing. He is also passionate about fashion, favoring Italian brands such as Ferragamo, Armani and Fratelli Rosetti for their expert tailoring and classic cuts.

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