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Bobby Berk


Bobby Berk


Hey! Bobby Berk here and I’m thrilled to be taking over the Ecco Domani site today to share more on my inspiration for my limited-edition label for Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio. Which, if you haven’t already gotten a bottle, better hurry while they’re still on shelves!

I recently sat down with Ecco Domani for a Q&A on my label design, where I find inspiration as a designer, how I enjoy my wine and how YOU can create statement-making designs in your own home. Check it out below and make sure you follow me on Instagram @bobbyberk and online at for more tips.


Q: What made you want to partner with Ecco Domani for their Designer Label offering?

A: I was super excited to do this collaboration because it was outside my normal wheelhouse. It was a challenge but an exciting one. I enjoy doing things I haven’t done before because they not only challenge me as a designer but they allow me to expand what I am able to design and who I am able to design for. It was surreal to see my designs for the wine label and the packaging you see in store come to life. I saw a few samples along the way, but I first saw it in the wild when I walked into a store in Philadelphia and, there it was. It was so exciting to see the bottle with the label displayed in the store, so of course, I snapped a pic with the display and posted it on Instagram.

2019 - Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk

Q: How do you continue to find inspiration – for both personal and professional design projects?

A: I find inspiration for my design work literally everywhere I look – from the faded paint on an old building to lines that I draw on a map. Inspiration can come from anywhere as long as you’re looking for it.

Bobby Berk

Q: What inspired your limited-edition label design?

A: The inspiration for my label design actually came from a wallpaper pattern I designed a few years ago. The wallpaper, called “Connect,” was inspired by a trip I took to Europe where I started drawing lines on the map between the cities I wanted to visit, creating little dots and little lines all over the map. It created this beautiful pattern and is what inspired the pattern in the wallpaper. It was a reminder of all the places I’ve traveled to, and even the places I haven’t been to yet but want to go to.

When it came to the label design for Ecco Domani, the idea of travel and connectivity felt right for the brand which has this new-world, modern Italian feel. I’ve always been inspired by midcentury modern design and art deco – both themes center around a clean aesthetic, with sharp lines mixed with round shapes and curves. So, it only seemed natural to transform that wallpaper design to the wine’s label. My hope is the design evokes feelings of celebration, modernity, and fun – wherever you might be when you’re drinking it.

Bobby Berk

Q: What inspired your limited-edition label design?

A: I love when people aren’t afraid to use black – one of my favorite places to get inspiration from is New Zealand. They paint the outside of their houses black, they have black walls, black carpets – and it looks so chic! I wish more people would be open to seeing black as a way to make a bold statement within their homes. I’m not suggesting to paint all your walls black - but using the color as a graphic statement in a room can give it life and interest.

My label for Ecco Domani definitely takes the graphic statement approach. With its statement-making design, the minute you bring it into view it becomes the topic of conversation. I love showing my clients how easy it is to take a pattern, or even a bold color choice, and make it the talking piece of a room.

Vintage and hand me down pieces. I am not the type of designer that loves to buy everything brand new for a project. I love incorporating vintage pieces into every project, not only because reusing pieces has a positive environmental impact. But, also because those vintage pieces bring soul and character to a room.

Every room needs at least three materials. It’s a rule that I used when designing my new furniture collection (which comes out later this fall). Each piece in the collection has three materials (whether that is brass, iron, and wood - or velvet, brass, and iron) The three different materials helps to create visual interest while creating balance and variation.

Q: What are your favorite foods to pair with Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio?

A: Definitely Thai food! The bold flavors in the sauces work so well with the wine. A nice grilled salmon is also something you can’t go wrong with and it’s perfect for a warm summer night. And then for some spice - I love using BBQ sauce with chicken which pairs perfectly with the wine’s crisp, refreshing flavor.

Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk

Q: You’re on the couch with a glass of Ecco Domani ready for a TV binge – what are you watching?

A: I looove sci-fi, not only because I love space and I want to GO to space (one day - I’m still a kid with a big dream at heart) but also because the beautiful clean design aesthetic that you find in sci-fi shows. refreshing flavor.