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Brandon Maxwell


Brandon Maxwell


Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio caught up with the fashion designer Brandon Maxwell to get the 411 on his exclusive, limited-edition label design. Adding a hint of fun and statement-making style to your summer this year, we strongly recommend you hurry up and grab a bottle while you still can!
Check out our Q&A with Brandon below where he talks about the collaboration, his signature bold leopard print design, and where he's finding inspiration while at home in New York. For more on the Designer Label collaboration, check out Ecco Domani's official Instagram, @eccodomaniwine and Brandon Maxwell's official Instagram, @brandonmaxwell.

Q: Can you talk about how this collaboration was so personal for you?

A: People that follow me know that I grew up working in my grandmother’s clothing store. But I don’t think many people know that my father owned a wine, beer and liquor distributorship, so I also grew up working in a warehouse full of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio boxes (thanks for paying my way through college, Ecco Domani!). For the most part, I only choose to do things in my life and career that are connected back to stories and feel very personal to me, so partnering with Ecco Domani felt natural from the start. The most exciting part was when I finally saw the bottle for the first time in April. I immediately sent a photo to my dad and both he and my mom were so proud. I feel so lucky that we got to share that full-circle moment together.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the design chosen for the new label?

A: This was my first time designing a wine label and I wanted it to feel very true to who I am as well as my brand. The first fabric I ever chose in my first collection was a muted jacquard leopard print, but you could never tell it was leopard because it just looked textured. A few years later, I brought this ‘B’ initial-meets-leopard print back in black-and-white to the runway for the very first time. This design was so personal to me because it was part of a collection inspired by my family and represented the first time I strayed from simple colors and fabrics. It was a big, bold risk for me. So, when I was asked to design a label for Ecco Domani – a brand that stands for bold sophistication - I knew it just had to be that timeless leopard print and the ‘B.’

Brandon Maxwell

Q: In your opinion, what will never go out of style?

A: In terms of a clothing item, I think the two things that will never go out of style are a nice black blazer and the little black dress. But in terms of a print, obviously leopard.

Q: Where do you find inspiration when designing a new collection?

A: When I start any collection or do anything creative, I always look to be near some form of nature, whether that is completely out in the desert, around trees, or even near the water. I think this comes from my Longview, Texas roots. When I was younger and finding myself creatively and looking for inspiration, I would get in the car, listen to music, and drive through the long winding roads surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenic parts of Texas.

Q: Where have you found inspiration during this time at home?

A: I’m finding so much inspiration from social media while at home these past few months. I’ve been connecting with young students and creatives from all over the world which has been really inspiring for me. I’ve also been watching YouTube videos to learn some new skills. And lastly, when I can safely go for a bike ride or walk by myself, I’ve found that time outside has been really good for me mentally and creatively.

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